Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kala Ghoda Art Festival - 2009

this thursday we were at Kala Ghoda to get festival experiences.. Unfortunately not all creative guys manage to attend it... but we ever was there, they had great time there.. sum shots here!!

Created by Balaram, on the first day of the festival.. done with a Comb!! Bravo Ballu!!

EDIT: very sorry Naim.. for not mentioning ur contribution to this artwork before.. anyways... here it is.. the comb used for this artwork belongs to Naim. Thanx for helping Naim. Naim Rocks!

the hugest installation at the fest. This is regarding "Save Water!"

another wired installation... Preity Zinta on other side! ;)

this is awesome cycley table!! Naim is enjoying the ride!

Diti exhibiting at the fest.. Her fotos displayed there.. it was damn damn great!

festival of Dance!

Dancing festival

Clay Creations!

this shop is the highlighting point of the Fest!! it's a fotostudio there! awesome fotos displayed to advertise! Quite expensive though.. :D

Usi clicks Chai

the team who enjoyed their AnD at the fest.. (Mangesh is missing... he is clicking this shot re!)

a words-letters game displayed there!!

this is not the part of the fest.. but we got this around the venue. A great line... only line!

fotos by Usman & Mangesh!
Thanx guys!


  1. first artwork maine aur ballu dono ne kiya hain
    yeah cheating hain mera naam kyun nahin hain
    oh no
    shee yaar mere saath aisa kyun honta hain

  2. sorry Naim! the post is edited now.. have a look at it again.. :)

  3. yeah i like it
    but sirf comb nahin maine frame banaya tha aur nicche artwork bhi
    ballu ne that circular artwork banaya and it is collabration work of me and ballu

  4. ya you r rite naim.... good work .... naim n balu!.. tu tension mat le .. naim tu bahut uper jayega ek din!!!