Friday, January 30, 2009

First AnD of 2009!!!

(Designed by Naim)

it was a kick start!!
AnD - 290109 n agenda was to tell all about AnD again.. yeah.. again, then Mangesh's photography lessions, Sadhana's intro n Praveen's farewell speech
have a foto tour here!

think n talk!

V, A n R

laughing at usman!?

her first AnD!

blue ballu!

yeh bhi the!

his 2nd AnD!

hmm... great going!

fulllon attention!

ohh.. is it so!!??

kyaa pakkaa rahaa hain?!

his last AnD!

freakin out!

freak again!

santosh's birthday penalty!

n finally we have birthday bumps session with Santosh.. we treated him twice once for his own birthday.. n once for Asha's... :D

Photo courtesy : Sudi (thank you so much!!)


  1. kick assss!!!
    Santosh - all time target!!!

  2. arre kasa zamte !!!!

    kutrya mala nahi bolavle !!!!

  3. Mast hai boss!! wish i was there to see Mangesh's session. Aur Santosh apna purana bakra... good one guys!!

  4. AND it rocks! Keep going guys.

  5. Hey! I missed this as I was not well...I would not prefer to miss Mangesh's session here onwards!

  6. very nice really miss those olden days

  7. superb session by mangi
    and super cool pic taken by sudi.
    thanks sudi and mangi.

  8. really a good lecture by Mangesh and cool snaps by Sudi..Projector display could have added more "punch"...
    And God! this yellow colour is killing!!